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Behind the light+  12  
Canon EOS-1D Mark II; f = 420 mm; ISO 100; 1/640 sec; f/8
Author: Edwin K.W.
Tags: flowers, macro

Did you know?
The word "photograph" was coined in 1839 by Sir John Herschel.

Curious Lizard+  36  
Canon EOS 5D; f = 105 mm; ISO 200; 0.01 sec; f/4
Author: Kev
Tags: animals

Paper and Light+  0  
PENTAX K100D Super; f = 55 mm; ISO 200; 1/180 sec; f/8
Author: Perro
Tags: abstract, light, still life

Autumn Ascent+  15  
Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III; f = 32 mm; ISO 100; 0.4 sec; f/11
Author: Richard Thompson
Tags: rivers, rocks

As sun goes down+  18  
Author: KevinTags: buildings, clouds, rocks, sea, shore, sky, sun, sunset

Дачка (click to see full size)+  28  
Author: ...Tags: buildings, rural, snow, trees, winter

ЧАРЫ ОСЕНИ... ч.5 "С туманом и инеем..." (click to see full size)+  4  
Author: Александр КиценкоTags: fields, fog

"S'+  -1  
Canon EOS-1D Mark III; f = 105 mm; ISO 200; 1/8 sec; f/5.6
Author: Leszek Kobusinski
Tags: abstract, colors, macro

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